There are many reasons for women to be smarter in managing money. Married women, for example, work or not, financial control rods are in their hands. So also single women, of course have a list of wishes that demand expertise in saving money.

1. Expenditure Note

Record all expenses to the smallest. Laundry, make-up, toiletries, including every dollar you spend in a café. Next make a budget record, specify each month how much money you need for some expenditure variables. While you can not cut your fixed spending budget, imagine how much money you can put away by looking at the spending records you have made.

2. Happy shopping

Shop for fun, not shopping for fun. Research shows if you shop when sad, depressed, or hungry, you will spend more money. If you’re annoyed or sad, you better calm yourself first. With a clean mind, then shopping activities will become more effective.

3. Quality is not quantity

Tempted with cheap goods? Remember, frugality does not mean stingy. Shoes, clothing, handbags, furniture and gadgets are items to consider for quality. Despite having to pay more expensive, but longer life and do not have to buy repeatedly.

4. No need to anti credit card

Credit cards are identical to wasteful. It’s outdated. You can get exciting bonuses and discounts if smart use them. The important thing, always obey pay monthly dues so you are not subjected to any interest.

5. Hang out at home

Almost all activities at home are cheaper than going out. Invite your friends, and choose activities you can do together. Marathon movies, cook together, play cards, or just share grooming tips.

6. Drink more

Water is not only beneficial to health. By drinking a large glass of water before eating, you will digest the food better while saving money by buying a smaller portion of food. Diet body and wallet at the same time!

7. Buy insurance

Most insurance is created to save your money! Sometimes you feel a loss must pay the bill without making any claim. But when you need it, the bill will feel very light compared to what you have to pay without insurance.

8. Saving at the beginning of the month

Set aside 10% -30% of your earnings at the beginning of the month. This step will be very helpful so as not to waste money with useless. In addition to good long-term, these funds will also mean as an emergency fund.

9. Master the 30 day rule
Whenever you feel the urge to go shopping for unneeded items, resist the desire. Go home, write down the information you want (price and place). Over the next 30 days, think about whether you really want the item. This method is very effective, in addition to rethinking, you can also do a little research looking for the same item at a cheaper price.

10. Dream of early retirement

The biggest motivation to control finances is a plan for early retirement. In Indonesia, there are not many types of jobs that offer pension funds. For that do not hesitate to open a retirement account from now on. By applying a frugal lifestyle, putting aside some money is not a difficult thing.