It’s Investment Tips from the Richest Man in the World

Billionaire Warren Buffet is known as the most successful investor in history. Buffet also share the tips of success in investing best.

In every conversation on television, print media, online media, to the social media, Buffett often throws investment tips that must be a reference investor in the world. Here are 10 Warren Buffet tips on his best investments:

1. Much more important to buy a good company at a reasonable price than a high price.

2. You do not need a genius to invest well. You do not have to be a scientist who knows the ins and outs of investing. Investing is not a game that people with a high IQ can beat a low IQ. But to be able to invest, you just need to understand and understand about the market, portfolio, and the ins and outs of his company.

3. Do not buy stock just because others hate it. When buying stocks, think carefully about the stock. View the company’s portfolio and its market potential.

4. The best time to buy a company is when the company is in trouble.

5. Do not be fooled of big profits. The line between investment and speculation does not vary much. However, the line is never bright and clear.

6. Think long term. Investors think long term, while speculators are short-term investors. So, invest at least 5 years, 10 years, or over 25 years.

7. Forever is the right time to hold the investment product. When you have a good portion of business investment with good management, then the best way is to hold (the investment) forever.

8. Buy a business that can be run easily. Buy shares or investments that are easy to run, even by idiots though. Sooner or later, the investment will pay off.

9. Investors should be able to distinguish between excitement and costs to buy when investing. These two things are enemies while investing. Tips, try to be afraid when others are greedy, but greedy only when others are afraid.

10. Do not have to move when there is a chance. The stock market is a game. So, do not have to move portfolio when stock prices fall. You better wait or consult with your finance manager. So when you decide to move (portfolio), indeed you decide to seek the best profit.

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