Hard Economy, tA man Play Online Gambling poker uang asli

There are, in the midst of the economic scorn, Ruslan even try to gamble with poker online uang asli terbaru. It was not the profit he got, but instead had to stay in a jail cell.

The story, recently Kotabaru Police arrested Supriadi, a resident of downtown district. On the alleged online gambling practice at www.ayamjuve.com site.

“Supriadi then confessed that he bought the togel number from Nardi, he asked us, and he confessed to buy it with Ruslan,” said Kotabaru Police Chief AKBP Suhasto through AKP Suria Miftah Irawan Inscription on Wednesday (17/1) yesterday.

Then the apparatus moved in search of Ruslan. The man from Teluk Gosong Village, East Sea Island Sub-district was successfully secured in Stagen Village, North Sea Island Sub-district, on Tuesday (16/1).

To the police, Ruslan confessed all his actions. He reasoned to gamble in order to get the money. Work now he says it’s hard. This man is known everyday working odd jobs.

Ruslan then gives the account name and password. After review, Ruslan’s balance on the online gambling site was Rp113,940. Apparatus also secured Rp335 thousand, which will later be put into online gambling. Also ATM Mandiri with balance Rp1, 5 million.

From monitoring Team Ron Ramsey, online gambling sites that serve gambling dingdong, poker and togel. The site uses the services of public banks in Indonesia.

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