Bandar Judi Online sbobet Surabaya Can Be A Light Verdict

The judge as head of the council sentenced him to four months and seven days in online gambling Hadi Susanto on Tuesday (13/2/2018). On the verdict, the defendant immediately smiled.

This sentence is lighter than the demands of Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Lujeng Andayani from the High Court of East Java who demanded six months in jail against the defendant Hadi Susanto. “Said the defendant Hadi Susanto, proved to have violated Article 303 verse (1) of the Criminal Code, demanded imprisonment for 6 months,” said prosecutor Lujeng at the Garuda court room of the Surabaya District Court on Tuesday (13/2/2018). ).

To note, this case started when the police of East Java Police arrested Raejen Budi Sungkono (separate file) at Apartment Water Palace Tower E No. 1715 Surabaya. After depositing the ball gambling pair to Herman (DPO) and the defendant Hadi Susanto.

And found evidence of cash worth Rp. 5.700.000, – (five million seven hundred thousand rupiah). 1 HP Ipone 7 No. 08122225199 used to open situs link . 1 laptop Deel brand that used to open situs link www.gomsg.comsbobet.7 bank savings books.

From the description of the defendant, he gets a deposit of money from the retailer twice a week. By way of transfer to BCA account No: 8990319015 An. Rehan Rizky Adam and BCA An Dina will then the defendant transfer to BCA account of Reajen Budi Sungkono (separate file).

For the actions of the defendant Hadi Sisanto as stipulated and threatened with crime in Article 303 paragraph (1) of the 1st Criminal Code (KUHP) with a maximum threat of 10 years in prison.


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