Welcome to Team Ron Ramsey!

We are a family on the journey to financial freedom and found that Ron Ramsey teaches in a way that makes sense. I am not Ron Ramsey, claim to be, or know him personally. We follow the basic suggestions of dumping debt, cutting up our credit cards, living on a cash system, and building wealth.

I guess I should have done this page a while ago so you can get an idea of the people behind the debt. I’m Alice, mom of 3, wife to 1, stay-at-home mom, mompreneur as well as taxi driver, chef, cleaner, organizer, secretary admin assistant, and so on… (really, what mom is not any of these?)

I am an almost 40 ah….29 year old woman who grew up in the Western suburbs of Chicago. My parents were blue-collar workers who got married young and in spite of all statistics are still married!

My degree is in communications/ education, but really wish I could go back and change all that. I put myself through college by taking out a LOT of loans and working my rear off in the summers. Sometimes I wish I could have enjoyed college more, but the stress of trying to figure out how to pay for it got the best of me.

I met my wonderful husband my freshman year in college, but he made it clear that he was dating a girl back home. (That was okay, I was dating a boy back home, but didn’t tell him). After being best friends for a year he decided that I was the girl he wanted to marry and began his journey convincing me that he was the man I was going to marry (it didn’t take too much convincing…he had me at…well…juggling torches on stage, but that’s another story).

We started our married lives in debt, thanks to college, and really had no examples of people who did not have debt. We assumed we would have debt our whole existence. That is what society was teaching and we took the bait.